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eDice is a coin/dice simulator that can be used for all board games, dice games and/or RPG games that use either coins and/or dice.

eDice allows you to roll up to 100 of each of the following:
Coins (D2)
3-Sided Dice (D3)
4-Sided Dice (D4)
6-Sided Dice (D6)
7-Sided Dice (D7)
8-Sided Dice (D8)
10-Sided Dice (D10)
12-Sided Dice (D12)
14-Sided Dice (D14)
16-Sided Dice (D16)
18-Sided Dice (D18)
20-Sided Dice (D20)
24-Sided Dice (D24)
30-Sided Dice (D30)
34-Sided Dice (D34)
36-Sided Dice (D36)
48-Sided Dice (D48)
50-Sided Dice (D50)
60-Sided Dice (D60)
100-Sided Dice (D100)
120-Sided Dice (D120)

eDice allows you to turn on and off the sound and haptic (vibration) feedback if wanted.

eDice allows you to perform a secondary roll, if your game requires it, without having to re-enter all the dice/coin combinations.

Between rolls, eDice will run an animation screen. The screen will show the first 24 coin(s)/dice being rolled. If you selected more than 24 coin(s)/dice to be rolled then the animation screen will go into representation mode, where your selected coin(s)/dice will be rolled, but only the dice type(s) will be displayed in the animation.

NOTE: This is a free to use ad supported app. It will show a banner ad at the top of every screen and may show a full screen ad when you exit some of the menu items from the status bar menu.

Technical Limitations:

The eDice app should work on an Android Nougat (API 24) or newer, which means it should run on any android phone from 2018 or newer.

Created By:
Maurice Mozayeni

Design Consultants:
Adelina Mozayeni
Marcus Mozayeni
Lucas Mozayeni